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Yes, my fault for not going over specifics about sending/receiving the package beforehand. I take responsibility.

This had nothing to do with "saw what it sold for on eBay". This had to do when I would be able to get the package. He could've shipped it overnight express, it wouldn't matter. The earliest I would've been able to get it would've been Saturday Nov. 24. By then, the PO might have sent it back to the seller.

My red flags were this: When I asked to have it shipped to my work (I have done this on hundreds of other transactions without issue) he balked. Then when I asked for a refund, he was willing to do whatever. Sorry if that isn't a red flag for you or others. It was for me. Live and learn.

Raiderguy10: If you want to try to work out details for this transaction, feel free to PM me. I have stated my case here and to you via PM.

Thank you.

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