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Thanks for the chance!

Yesterday was a busy day for me - worked from 6:30 a.m. MST - 3:30 - then put the finishing touches on the chili I made for dinner in the crock pot - walked the dogs - wife got home at 4:45 from work - we ate - I had to run to class (getting my MBA, MACC and sitting for CPA in four months) - it's my final MBA class - so it's the Capstone class - one of my group members was missing - he's doing the marketing plan for our business. So we're pretty far behind and might kick him off our team.

I don't really want to because if we kick him off we'll basically take him out of the program for a semester. I don't want that on my conscious, but I want to finish everything on time. So was in class till 9:30 p.m. Got home around 10 - gathered the trash up and things to recycle -

My wife and I just bought a house - and the previous homeowners left about 40 egg crates and apple boxes in the one bedroom - it was so nice of them. So I have a garage full of boxes - that stuff plus out stuff - spent about 30 minutes breaking down boxes and filling the recycle can.

Went back inside around 10:40 and watched 20 minutes of Toy Hunter - passed out watching Key and Peele I think on Comedy Central - woke up around 1 a.m. went into bed.

Now I'm back to work at 6:30.

That was fun to tell someone about my day! Thanks Haiku
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