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Originally Posted by wheeler281 View Post
Well good luck man...Wish I could give advice
You're all good, I mean your feedback is great and we have the same rates.

Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Are you sure they dinged you on Shipping charges and not some other criteria under "Shipping"?? $2 is pretty cheap.

I suggest you stop selling on ebay if you dont like their system and feedback process. Its much easier to do that then to tell buyers not to bid on your items.

On the "free shipping" issue? Ive been successful with it on my high end. I sold a card for $440 and $8 to ship Xpress post. But when I listed another card (Same card different serial number) with free shipping (Xpress post) I got $670 for it.
I know what it is under, I can read haha. Also it is impossible to sell cards without eBay. I'm still making double sometimes than what I ask on here. Also, your example isn't good haha that has nothing to do with shipping. If someone isn't buying a $500 over a few shipping bucks than that's lame.
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