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Originally Posted by bigpops65 View Post
Yes, my fault for not going over specifics about sending/receiving the package beforehand. I take responsibility.

This had nothing to do with "saw what it sold for on eBay". This had to do when I would be able to get the package. He could've shipped it overnight express, it wouldn't matter. The earliest I would've been able to get it would've been Saturday Nov. 24. By then, the PO might have sent it back to the seller.

My red flags were this: When I asked to have it shipped to my work (I have done this on hundreds of other transactions without issue) he balked. Then when I asked for a refund, he was willing to do whatever. Sorry if that isn't a red flag for you or others. It was for me. Live and learn.

Raiderguy10: If you want to try to work out details for this transaction, feel free to PM me. I have stated my case here and to you via PM.

Thank you.


You are not taking responsibility since you left him a negative feedback!
Taking responsibility would have been leaving no feedback for him since this is YOUR fault.

Again, your schedule is your schedule and you should have figured out when you would be able to pick your item(s) up before agreeing and sending payment.

He balked at sending to an unconfirmed address initially because he would have little case if you were to file a claim.
Once he saw that a $300 deal could maybe be saved if he were willing to ship to your work, he started working on that solution. Hes taking ALL the risk doing that so WTH are you talking about red flags on your end?????
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