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Got off work at 530 am and raced home to spend time with my soon to be fiance but was bummed when I got an email stating the engagement set I ordered is now not in stock.Just gonna surf web for a little while then go to bed.Not sure if I am gonna do the weekend overtime I should for the money but was thinking of skipping it since I worked 2 hours of ot on all but 1 shift this week.Also my nephew was born 2 days ago and with my schedule I have not got to meet him yet.I am just enjoying life these days, good job, in love for the first time and racking my brain on how to pop the question.My brother told her I ordered a box of cards(she thinks I did too) and I was thinking of getting a big box and fill it with balloons and some other romantic stuff and tie a note to the single red balloon and leave a note on it saying to turn around and be on my knee and ask her . Enjoy your day I will. Cool give away you are doing , I would never use the headphones so count me out on this. =)

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