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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
The problem with free shipping is it deters buyers from making multiple purchases to save on combined shipping. If a seller has a reasonable combined shipping rate I will be much more inclined to browse the rest of their items vs paying an extra $2-$3 per card because they included the ship price into the price of the card.

I charge $2 + $.25 each additional with a max of $3.50 or free shipping on purchases over $50. I also carry a solid 5 star rating. Maybe I've just been lucky I guess.

Smart buyers bid by total price. My only real pet peeve on shipping price is sellers who charge $3+ and then send in a pwe.
PWE should be banned. There is no reason why non documents ever go out in PWE. Infact the Post office states that only letter document can be put in a PWE.
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