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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
Do you not sell on eBay, I have all 5 stars except s/h. I don't know why you think I'm wrong. Also PWE shouldnt be banned. Ive had no issues with PWE ever. Probably over 500 sales or trades using it. It's called nonmachinable PWE, you won't have an issue. It is overblown how PWE is talked about. Since it'll be asked, all my sales on eBay is shipped in a bubble mailer.
I sell on ebay and never had a problem at all. I charge $3 to NA and $4.50 international. Never had an issue. If my auction are for high end, I do free shipping and send out at my expense (XPress Post) $23 .

I dont know if you are wrong or right. But why do you think you're right and the buyer is wrong? Its pretty simple. Just ask the bidder of your auction why he dinged you for shipping DSR. He/she will respond and from there on, you either adjust or put them on block. Its pretty simple my main man!!! Im just trying to help you figure it out
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