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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
The problem with free shipping is it deters buyers from making multiple purchases to save on combined shipping. If a seller has a reasonable combined shipping rate I will be much more inclined to browse the rest of their items vs paying an extra $2-$3 per card because they included the ship price into the price of the card.

I charge $2 + $.25 each additional with a max of $3.50 or free shipping on purchases over $50. I also carry a solid 5 star rating. Maybe I've just been lucky I guess.

Smart buyers bid by total price. My only real pet peeve on shipping price is sellers who charge $3+ and then send in a pwe.
Agree, There are sellers I will buy 8-10 cards from that offer nice combined shipping. There is one seller on ebay who has LOTS of cards I would be interested in buying (I had about 15 in my cart for just one sale), but will not buy from because he offers "free shipping." The problem is, each card is about $2 higher that they sell for (to help help cover shipping), so buying the number of cards I would be interested in would end up costing me more.
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