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Just awful to see. I have the same disorder as him(take panic attack meds as needed and have learned to control it other than the flying phobia). Once the doctor made it clear that you can control it own my own a light when off inside my head. I have told maybe one of my close friends about the anxiety thing, just because I don't want them spending unnecessary time worrying about me. I live an everyday life and would consider myself 99.7% normal, hell, I'm going to be a firefighter that jumps into burning building with no regrets ---> doesn't scare me one bit. But if I drive by an airport, the butterflies start. It *is* a battle sometimes, but you and only you can overcome it. Seeing that draft video just breaks my heart because that's where I was a few years ago, I owned a business and was under a phenomenal amount of stress and you learn very quicky that you can decide to beat it and swim, or let it control you and sink. I made a decision to swim. Everyone is different in the way that it has certain triggers ---> mine is flying. Hate airplanes, hate them with a passion. It's the only part of this that I haven't defeated and will take care of it over the next year. Royce needs to take some time off and just get away from everything for a while. His mind is so overwhelmed right now that he needs to get away somewhere for a couple weeks and relax before he keeps having these breakdowns more frequently. This whole thing is far more than him being a primadonna/soft.

All of this is probably TMI for this board. I felt it needed to be said to help some people understand that it can control your life if you let it. Wish there was some way I could come in contact with Royce and maybe talk him down by sharing my experiences with him and the steps that I took to overcome them. I can go into details(didn't want to write a novel) if needed but the similarities of the things we've been through in life and our 'triggers' are almost uncanny.
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