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Default 11-12 Exquisite Basketball Case Break Results

Had trouble filling the GB, so decided to break the case myself last night! Very happy with the break overall.

Definitely an above average case I must say! Will post video break later tonight.

BOX 1:

Kenny Smith Base /99

Malcolm Lee RC Auto /199

Bill Walton Championship Bling Auto /99

George Karl Personal Touch "Salmon" Auto /30

David Robinson Shadowbox Auto

Lebron James UD Black Tag Auto /60 (yay, no shadowbox lol)

BOX 2:

Bill Sharman Exquisite Base Platinum 1/1!

Cazzie Russell Championship Bling Auto /99

David Thompson "Halle Berry" Auto /30

Roy Williams UD Black Tag Auto /40

Larry Bird Shadowbox!

Kawhi Leonard RC Auto /199!

BOX 3:

Don Nelson Base /99

Nolan Smith RC Auto /199

Darrell Griffith Championship Bling Auto /99

Penny Hardaway Shadowbox

Klay Thompson RC Auto /199!

Michael Jordan Legacy Auto /23 (yay no shadowbox! lol)

Pulled the 2 top rc auto's, and a sweet MJ and Lebron, and a 1/1! Can't complain

Thanks for reading...
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