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Originally Posted by SPauthentic84 View Post
I bet its between 3k-3.5k

Its his rookie year and only year of exquisite. Next to his RC and LL, this is the best card you can have of Durant in my opinion (and more limited than both I believe)
Either the market for Exquisite has taken off ridiculously, or your estimate is way off.

I think I remember these selling for around $700, nobody really wanted them as they weren't his actual RC.

I sold my Jordan one last year for $1600-ish. Apparently that is now $2-3k, the Durant is numbered higher and still not Jordan level, despite being his rookie year.
I'd say that this KD is worth anywhere from $1200-1800, depending on what the market has actually done. Personally, I wouldn't even pay near that, despite them being beautiful cards.
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