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Originally Posted by ouatty View Post
Has there been a final checklist out for this product. I am up in case 2 and 4 and was curious if we had a final checklist yet.
No sir, there won't be a final checklist for a few weeks. You are more than welcome to hold off on drafting until your allotted date/time on the OP.

It's a tough spot, cause the sell sheet is all over Luck and RG3 having every sort of insert auto there is, but doesn't mention anything about the rest of the guys (minus Tannehill). It's a toss up for the third slot between Martin and the Buccs, Wilson and the Hawks, and Richardson/Weeden and the Browns. I've got Miami at 5 on the pre-draft ahead of the Browns, because they've got 4 rookie auto subjects, compared to the Browns 3, at least for now.

Edit: I sent @ToppsFB a message through Twitter asking if there's a more complete checklist in the works.

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