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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
I guess I'll just never understand why buyers can't do their research before making on offer.
I guess I don't know either...perhaps its a dying technique?

Originally Posted by JamiMadrox View Post
its sad and idiotic that most people feel this way. Im not saying you had a deal, but you were damn close, close enough it would piss me off. But the fact that no money changed hands?? Thats just retarded (sorry if this ofofends anyone, but thats the best word to describe it).
Exactly. Thats just kind of what annoys me. Especially when someone makes an actual FAIR offer (actually, I was giving him an edge, as the dual auto just sold $150, and his gift card was $135), and then proceeds to flip the tables and throw in another $100 card...
Originally Posted by SacGWYNN19 View Post
a verbal agreement was made, and then backed out of. Appropriate feedback should be left so future members have a heads up as to what type of person they are dealing with.
Thanks. Honestly, I was just asking for everybody's opinions, as it seems like the fine line between deal and no deal is getting more faded by the day. Had I not sold the lot several minutes afterwards, I would have left appropriate feedback.
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