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Default Leaf Ultimate Redemption...redeemed...


I bought one of the "mystery memorabilia item" redemptions from Leaf Ultimate basketball. There have been plenty of breaks of this product with only a couple of these redembtions showing up on EBAY. There are a couple of others that were pulled on this forum too I beleive. So...after seeing numerous box breaks and multiple case breaks I figured these redemptions were pretty rare since I have only seen a handful of these redemptions.

There are big ticket items you can pull based on the sell sheet for this product. There are Lebron and Jordan signed jerseys...amongst other high end items. I know in the card game you win some and you lose some but this was pretty dissapointing. I ended up with an 8X10 signed photo of Bradley Beal. This is maybe a $20 item. Would you consider an 8X10 photo "memorobilia"? I may be a little jaded becuase I spent a bit more than this worth but I beleive the redemption card is a little misleading. Your thoughts? Please set me straight if I am not thinking clearly!


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