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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
Just got back from my sons playoff football game

They went undefeated in the reg season so they got a first round bye

Tonight's game was incredible!!!!! All out grind fest that ended in a 6-6 tie!!! THAT MEANS OVERTIME!!!!!!

Both teams got a possession on the 10...they went 9 yards in 3 quick plays so its 4th and inches and our D line stopped them on 4th down!!!

Now it's our turn...1st and 10....Flag false start back it up to the 15

now 1st and 15...5 yard run

Now 2nd and 10....9 yard run BUTTTTT HOLDING ON THE 10 yard line so back it up to the 20!!!!

Soooo now 2nd and 20 to go!!!! Short run again for 5

3rd and gain ughhhhhhh

4th and 15....get in or going to another overtime on th other side of the field.... Ball is snapped, rush is to the right, the kids shoe falls off and he breaks 2 tackles and has an open field......TD!!!!!!! They win and move on!!!

I'm so freaking pumped right now!!!!! Now it's time to get some wings and watch the Fins!!!!

Sounds like a great game
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