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Originally Posted by StraightCash View Post
Both Royce and the Rockets knew what they were getting into.

Sucks, because he has very high potential in the nba.

My ex suffered from anxiety/severe panic attacks, and let me tell's no joke. There were times I literally had to hold her hard for half an hour while she took her meds in order for her symptoms to subside and her not having to feel like she was dying. For her, her triggers were completely random too, and I always feared it would happen while she was driving or in a dangerous situation. I never understood it or thought it was a 'big deal' until I met her...but it's scary to see someone just sitting there shivering and completely 'closed out' to the rest of the world, even loved ones.

I honestly don't think he'll pan out in the nba due to this reason, probably the worst line of business to be in with his type of condition. Probably not gonna get any better either, as he has access to all the best psychiatrists/doctors in the world and it doesn't look like it's helping.
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