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Default People selling Leaf Originals on the way ..... watch out!!!

Sold a Hulk Hogan Yellow Parallel autograph 1/50 to


received this message today:

I received the very first Leaf Wrestling card I bought & was SHOCKED to see that nowhere on the card does it state that this is an certified autograph or an autograph card AT ALL! I've been a Certified ON CARD ONLY Autograph card expert and collector since the early 1990's & this changes EVERYTHING & explains why the prices suddenly dropped over the past 2-days which I just saw today. I can't sign-on every day because I'm dying from a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy & Multiple Sclerosis.

Why didn't you mention this in your listings & why didn't you show scans of the card backs? At least this would have given the buyer the opportunity to choose for themselves if they still want it. BECAUSE I DON'T & NEVER WOULD HAVE PAID MORE THAN $5.00 for any of these cards!!!
The owner of Leaf is a narcisistic/egotistical jerk who couldn't care less about collectors- so going that route isn't an option.


I think this is Donatextracards again.
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