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Unemployment benefits are iffy at best. I was fired from Gatorade for breaking up a fight between two co-workers. One of my co-workers head butted another co-worker and knocked out 2 of his teeth. I stepped in and tried to solve the problem on the floor then we took the problem to the office to be cleared up. Now to clear something up, the gatorade handbook states that any incident that happens on the production floor should be resolved on the floor, if we can't resolve the issue on the floor then we should take the parties to the office to resolve the problem.
Well the resolution gatorade came too was to fire myself and the worker who knocked out the teeth of the other worker. The other worker kept his job.
When I filed unemployment, I was denied. The co-worker who knocked the teeth out, got his unemployment.
I fought the judgement for 6 months. I had 2 call in judgements that required both parties to call in and state their reasons why or why not I should recieve benefits. Gatorade never called in both times and I was still denied. Then my lawyer never filed my papers for the 3rd appeal and I was out unemployment.
So what I am saying is , anything can happen when it comes to unemployment.

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