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I was luck enough to get a gift from you once, I almost hate to oput in for this again, but music has been my entire life for about 15 years now.

I am into the hardcore music scene big time in my area, and if it wasn't for these shows(have been to about 1500 since I started going) I wouldn't have the friends like I do. I sang for a hardcore band until I needed throat surgery and haven't really been able to do it since, but I wont give up on it again. We didn't tour the country but we played so many great shows with big bands in the scene. After I couldn't sing anymore, I still wanted to contribute to helping it grow since it is a true underground movement. I then started my record label to give smaller bands a chance that were putting out great music with a message but couldn't tour for more than half the year. It wasn't monetarily successful but I would make enough to keep putting out additional releases. I am proud to say I helped jump many bands from Vegas, Texas, Germany, Italy, Japan and more. I also put out 2 compilation CDs to showcase so many bands from around the world.

I have a HUGE CD collection of over 1400 cds(all original artwork - I guess being a singer I was obsessive when it came to having the lyrics and full artwork haha) I have been looking for good quality headphones to listen to my music for a while, but between collecting and other expenses it kind of took a back burner.

I was actually going to look at these in the next few weeks, but this past week has been absolute hell for me.

Last Saturday the Modem went for the internet. Later that same night my computer's power was shot. First I thought it was just the power supply, which sucked but atleast it would have only been a $50 fix. Well it turned out that it was both the motherboard and hard drive. So I need to buy myself a new tower now. 2 Days after the computer my TV's video went out too, so I just had to get a new TV(which my parents helped me out with) So at this point it couldn't get any worse and I believed it was done since"things go in threes" well 3 days ago my Xbox decided it was going to scratch every game that I play so I had to buy a new Xbox.

I wish I could say I was making this up, but this past week has been the week form hell and I am hoping for something to turn around.

So jsut to have a chance with this giveaway would mean the world to me and they would get an insane amount of good use.

Haiku, you are a man among men for your genorisity you continuously display towards others. No matter what kind of income you have, you constantly do something for others, and I truly believe you are the reason so many people(like myself) have started to do giveaways as well.

Good luck to who ever wins one of these bad boys. These provide a top notch listening experience and the sound quality is incredible.
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