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Originally Posted by Haiku View Post
Did very very well tonight

Buff -2.5
UNC -4
NYK +5.5
MIA +3.5

Had heavy all across the board on those.
Mid four figures
dang!!! nice. did well myself though i didn't win anything close to what you netted, lol.

went 3-0 tonight. we had some of the same plays, hit bills -2.5 and heat on the ml. also had a play on nova that was recommended by someone who is on fire in college hoops, and can't believe i won that, game had no right to go to ot.

7-1 on the week so far. should be 8-0 the lakers shoulda won against the spurs, but whatever can't complain.

hit me up tomorrow on pm with your leans and plays if you want, we can bounce some ideas off each other. gonna hit the sack for the night. later
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