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Originally Posted by Kaegysaurus View Post
It's funny dude cause you overpaid for your EoE LeBron. No one would have paid that for it. So to say that people are stupid for what they want for their cards is absurd. Sellers are cashing in. The buyers are the stupid ones. I'm not calling you stupid. At the end of the day, people will pay what they're willing to pay. And currently it's much more than it was before. Having said that, you can't blame the seller for what he wants for a card.
I do agree, something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, however, someone does have the right to say something is way overpriced when it is. And in this case, that is NO $3,500 card. Dude said he was offered $3,500, sure he was lol, sure he was. That's really just an attempt to trick a potential naive buyer into thinking "oh! oh! wow! I better offer him more!" lol. That's all that was. And while I am sure there are some who will and do fall for that tactic, there are also just as many who see right through it

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