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Forgive me I cant help myself,

Someone who laughs at the idea of people helping the homeless. Are the same type of people that would drive over a homeless person in the street like a speed bump. Ha ha ha ha, guess I was in a sour mood.

Our local parish has a food bank for the homeless and needy. So we always buy extras during shopping and then when the bags are full, we bring them in. Also we have a really nice homeless guy named Chuck. He is truly in need and we always give him money or drive and get him a burger if he wants. Last season we dropped him a baggie for Christmas filled with snacks, Rain Parka (still uses it!) and of course some nice crisp bills. The smile on his face looking at the bag would melt the hardest heart. I thought I would share a small sample of what we do. As typically I do not like talking about my charity work.


Be at Peace little one. Never forget, Leoneez
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