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Originally Posted by mcgahee21nfl View Post
lol @ getting paid millions is worth overcoming anxiety



are u joking? i'm sure if he could overcome a fear, he would. being afflicted with this fear isn't a choice he made. glad you feel bad for him.... considering you have zero understanding per your post
No offence to the community that knows of the disorder or knows someone with it. This is regarding White's future career.

He knew this is day is coming, but he hasn't improved going about it? Realistically think about it, you think the Rockets organization would cater to player who can't compete at a NATIONAL level? They did accommodate him with a therapist and bus traveling, but you can't go across the nation in a bus taking you there to every single game, not to mention Toronto games. With all the resources he can now access more than ever before, he should take advantage of that but he decides to go to social media and vent his frustration against the Rocket organization which is a big mistake. His NBA career would never take off if he stays the way he is now.
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