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Originally Posted by Ray27Ray52 View Post
Poopy day so far. Got paid today. Check was $1150. Take out $600 that we owe towards rent from the beginning of November. Take another $120 off for the cable bill that is past due. Take out another $100 for the babysitter. Two minimum payments on my CC for $50 total. That leaves me with about $280 for the next two weeks. Someday I am going to get ahead of the game, but sadly, not today.
I know where you're coming from man. My wife and I both have decent paying jobs, she works for the State and I work Federal, but it takes awhile to get over that hump. We have 2 kids, only 1 who is still in preschool that we have to pay for. It feels like there is never enough money to go around. The good thing is that theres enough to make the kids happy.

And my god, how on earth did you manage $100 for babysitting?? How often is that???
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