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Originally Posted by imnotded View Post
The lottery is just dumb luck though. Odd probably get tilted in favor of this when you take into account that you can do match ups to pitchers or just keep in a guy who is just red hot.
If the lottery is just "dumb luck," this giveaway is in fact "dumber luck" because it gives people the illusion that there is some "skill" involved to beating this streak. You don't have any more control over this game than you do over the lottery. You are choosing players who you in reality you have no control over, they in essence can be reduced to just a probability--a percentage chance of allowing you to move on to the next day. Picking a player (even if you had the choice of any player in the league, which you don't) to get a hit 56 times in a row is more improbable than blindly picking 5 numbers and a mega to win you a prize 20-50 times as large.

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