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Originally Posted by fitch123 View Post
If the lottery is just "dumb luck," this giveaway is in fact "dumber luck" because it gives people the illusion that there is some "skill" involved to beating this streak. You don't have any control over this game other than the illusion that you are choosing players, who you in reality you have no control over. Picking a player (even if you had the choice of any player in the league, which you don't) to get a hit 56 times in a row is more improbable than blindly picking 5 numbers and a mega to win you a prize 20-50 times as large.
Thats like saying that you dont have any control in games like blackjack or poker. You make informed decisions base on the available information that you have to help your odds. Does that mean you tip the odds in favor of you over the house? No, but it does increase them.

All I was saying is that it is possible that the odds might be better than winning the lottery given that you can interact with some info available to you. I did not say that it was likely anyone will win. If these contests were easy then nobody would do them because they would be paying out on it.
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