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Originally Posted by pac213up View Post
Lol. The fact you would even ask that question shows what a fraud you are when it comes to statistics. It is not a yes or no question. Depends on what you are measuring, the size of the population, and how confident you want to be in the conclusions you draw from the results. A 15 game sample out of 53 games played is different than 8 games out of a potential 82.
I'm a fraud when it comes to statistics? When?

You are the one that used a sample size of one. You are the one that used a sample size of 15. You are the one that tried to mock the fact that I was calling you out for using stupid samples sizes. You then ignored that fact and now you are now posting articles saying sample size is something that needs to be considered.

Yeah you look silly. good try

Your sample size of 15 out of 53 may not be a complete joke (although that still is debatable- i mean it was better then a sample size of 1) but I was never talking about 1 season.

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