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Originally Posted by gamboooler View Post
Haven't they let him take a bus to games? Haven't they scheduled therapy sessions with a psychiatrist at Baylor? How are they not working with him? And we've been over this before, employees serve the employer. If you don't show up for work, that's non-performance and they can cut him. It's in his contract.

So far he's held out during training camp and started out behind everyone else. His coaches say he's not ready to contribute at the NBA level yet. He doesn't like that he's not playing and/or is on the verge of being sent to the D-League, and he doesn't like the doctor at Baylor. He mocked the guy on Twitter. How exactly is he working with the team paying him millions of dollars to play basketball?
Still waiting to see his contract? Isn't there a thing as a verbal contract Dr.?

Yes White is the only one to blame in this situation.

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