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The success of this will hinge on the smaller prizes you get along the way, like all of these promotions have since they started. I'm pretty sure lots of people participated in and enjoyed the other promotions without hitting the 1952 Topps Mantle in the MCG, getting the Mantle ring in the DGA, and without collecting all 30 coins of the same type in the GGA. Sure the odds are overwhelming that nobody will sniff that $1 million grand prize, but if they set up the promotion like they have in the past where you are awarded periodic smaller prizes to keep you going along the way, the promotion will be successful. And it will definitely be fun trying to keep a "hitting streak" alive along the way. Is it an original idea? No. But its essentially a free promotion for those that will open topps anyway, and adds at least some value to the product, where before 2010 the codes would just be another base card common. You don't HAVE to buy codes to play... nobody is forcing you... but I think those who do will have fun with this. If nothing else, more fun than getting an "imaginary coin" 95% of the time and that's it.
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