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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
Still waiting to see his contract? Isn't there a thing as a verbal contract Dr.?

Yes White is the only one to blame in this situation.

You just don't get it man. But I'll answer your questions...

Non-performance is a universal form of breach. It's in his contract. I already showed you a standard NBA contract, but you dismissed that because you like to create your own reality. Yes, there are verbal contracts, but that's irrelevant here. Once he signed the contract, I'm fairly confident anything not explicit in the written contract is not part of the contract. The fact that they can fine him for not showing up is proof that White is in the wrong.

How about you stop ducking direct questions? How are the Rockets not working with White and why shouldn't they be able to void his contract if he doesn't show up?

They took a chance on the guy, and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. From everything that's been written, it seems to me that the Rockets have been more than accommodating to his needs. Just because the guy has a disorder doesn't excuse his behavior. You have to show up, and you shouldn't take to Twitter to talk down about the doctor the team hired to help. All he has to do is show up for team events and scheduled therapy sessions. If he doesn't like the doctor, ask the team to get someone else, don't go on Twitter and ridicule the guy. Seems like reasonable requests for a couple million bucks. But what do I know?
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