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Default Received Damaged Slabs - Question

Won 5 auctions over a month ago from seller listed to be in Spain, but shipped from Hungry apparently. Paid $20 shipping because this was the seller's request in the listings for items won over $50. Total was around $250 in items. 3 slabs, 2 raw cards. I pickup the package today after a month. You would think the $20 would have been the expedited shipping cost (not).

All 3 slabs are cracked and have pieces missing now because all the cards were rubber banded together in a flimsy over-sized bubble mailer. So these cards were banging around getting the cases busted.

Thank god there's a big show in town this weekend and I can bring these to get re-slabbed tonight.

I sent the seller a message about the condition of the items and my displeasure in their packaging since items are damaged, shipping time and cost. I expect them to pay for the cost of the reslab and at least refund me some of my shipping costs. I want these cards, but the irresponsibility of this seller is absurd.

If they refuse to make good, what should I do?

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