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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
I ship all of my single-sale graded cards in Priority Small Flat Rate boxes. First in a graded card sleeve, then in a bubble mailer, then in the box with peanuts to keep it from shaking around. It's basically bulletproof!

Got my 40 card order from BGS. Two boxes jam-packed with no padding, some crumpled newspaper to fill the extra space, then both small boxes just thrown in a FedEx flat rate box. They shook around like crazy ... I was astonished to pull the cards out undamaged!

Really a shame for a company to put so little effort into one of their biggest processes...
My last order was two small boxes that they literally taped together end-to-end to make a longer box. I believe the boxes are the orginal ones they receive the slabs from the manufacturer, or they are made specifically for the slabs.

The problem with the above method is that no padding is around them. One drop of the box and the corners are goners.

The two slabs I received this week from ebay were cracked in bubble mailers. Your method is the way to go. I commend you for making the extra effort. A single, small bubble mailer just doesn't protect a BGS case. A little pressure on the mailer and the case cracks or chips.
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