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I've been up since 1 am this morning. I need to get some 1) sleep 2)bigger holders. In that order.

I will do my best to get everything packaged up and sent out tomorrow or Monday. Please, if you want a box, send me $4 for the first and another $2 for each additional box. I am keeping one for myself so there are 8 left to be had and I know Orangejello727 wants at least one of them. They really aren't that nice if you are wondering. Just post here if you want one and the first 7 to respond will get one.

Empty box list:

1. Oldgoldy97
2. OrangeJello727 ($4 please to
3. Vintage Collector ($4 -paid)
4. CP3toOKC ($4)
5. danny42yu ($4-paid)
6. samoan3d ($4-paid)
Still waiting on an Odell/Landry dual auto from Topps

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