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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
This isn't a strict question about the legality of his written contract.

You can't just analyze something in strict terms when you actually don't know the facts. It's quite ignorant.

I agree with your morality statements, but in terms of the law and this situation; legally it is cut and dry.

The employer must provide accomodations, which they have. They appear to have gone above and beyond to accomodate. At a point the business must make a business decision and should they care to terminate they have cause.

He can use his degree for employment that isn't centered around aircraft.

I hate needles. I have such extreme OCD/anxiety that panic overwhelms me. Panic disorders are extremely common and I know quite a bit about my own.

I believe I would make an excellent doctor. I have a minor in biology and enjoy the subject (I'm an information junky. I want to learn about everything and as much as possible), but I knew better than to choose that route for a career.
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