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Here's how the conversation is going. Looks like he's going to get 5 negative feedbacks from me.

I picked up the package from the post office just now. All of the graded cases are either cracked or broken in some way. For being such expensive items, they were very poorly packaged for international shipping. I have to have these graded cards re-cased now, which will cost approximately $10 each. I don't understand why this cost me $20 additional shipping, especially since it took an entire month to receive, on top of it, the items are damaged. This could have been avoided with proper packaging. I don't expect to pay for this damage out of my own pocket. Please respond.

hi,honestly i dont understand how is that possible....i put the cards into bubble mailer.....that's how everybody does it....specially a bgs graded card is impossible to damage....unless somebody's been jumping on them....but i don't think i have anything to do with that....

- delidelmar

There was no care taken in packaging these items. The cards are not damaged, the cases are cracked and broken into pieces. Now I have to pay to have these cards re-cased because you didn't take the time to ensure safe arrival, halfway around the world. So yes, you have everything to do with them being damaged.
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