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Got another box of 2012 Chrome today too, another loaded box!

Some of the highlights:

Luck Base RC

Tannehill Blue/199

Mark Barron Black/299

Jay Cutler Prism/219

Dontari Poe Pink/399

Whitney Mercilus Camo/499

Jim Kelly Reprint RC

Lamar Miller Red Zone Rookie

Base Refractors:

TJ Graham
Dougie Martin!
Kendall Wright
Dez Bryant
Brandon Marshall
Jimmy Graham
Greg Jennings

Lamar Miller & LaMichael James 1965 Tall Boys

Bernard Pierce, Joe Adams, Dwayne Allen & Kendall Wright 1984 Style RC's

Rueben Randle & Brock Osweiler 1957 RC's


Doug Martin Refractor auto/178!

One of the better boxes I have ever opened, combined with my 2011 box, one of my best days busting since I first started openeing 2010 Absolute.
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