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That is unfortunate. In addition the transaction was international, which will cost you a nice chunk to return with signature confirmation.

I faced/face a similar eBay problem in July. I purchased ten Exquisite cards and paid $25 for postage from Canada. The cards arrived quickly, but within a huge bubble mailer and only protected by penny sleeves. These cards just bounced and slid around the mailer.

I contacted the seller and he pawned the problem off on me and when I contested he became rude and harassing. I filed a claim and eBay required me to pay for the return postage with signature confirmation. The quoted cost was around $50 to return. I paid $215 for the ten cards. I didn't trust the guy would play fair if I returned them, so I simply ate the loss. I was out at least $165 no matter what I chose. I feared I would get screwed out of all of it and wouldn't even have the bum cards. The fraud ended up winning.

I filed a claim with my credit card which has a consumer protection. I won my case after providing them what they needed.

Three months later the guy contacted paypal and filed a bogus claim against me. My paypal has been frozen for a month.
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