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Originally Posted by CUHATIN View Post
my kid loves the elf on the shelf!!! awesome
So do mine....last year we heard about them from some other people and we had to get one for my kids...they love Cheerio (yeah I know what a name right)

Originally Posted by Devi8or View Post
I was actually at Target last night, apparently they have started selling a skirt for Elf on a Shelf if you wanna turn it into a woman elf lol.

We just bought ours last year after xmas, so I'll be breaking it out here soon
The kids want to put up the Xmas Tree now cause we told them that he shows up after its put up

Originally Posted by CUHATIN View Post
awesome my elf will be a girl by sun up lol

my daughter named it Dorthy from wizard of oz so the skirt would be perfect, thanks for info
Thats awesome man......

Originally Posted by SyddWasHere View Post
It might just be the painkillers, but that little dude looks super creepy.
He does look a little creepy but I get as much of enjoyment as the kids do...picking out where he ends up next and what he gets into every night gives us something to look forward to everyday leading up to Christmas....then every morning the kids are running around the house looking for him its great

I made a thread about him last year and showed off some pics of his "adventures" lol

Anyone else have an Elf on the Shelf?
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