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Default A Second Case Date with Vida Blue: Five Star...

Didn't do too great in the first case, second one here was a little bit better...the cards, in order of box appearance:


1. Roy Halladay Jumbo Jersey #'d 92
2. REDEMPTION: Jeremy Hellickson Silver Signature #'d ??
3. Miguel Cabrera Auto/Jsy #'d 28/55
4. Bill Buckner Auto #'d to 208
5. Eric Hosmer rainbow parallel Auto #'d to 25
6. T.Tulowitzki base #'d 80

Did not feel good after that box...


1. Justin Upton Jumbo Jersey #'d 28/92
2. Vida Blue Silver Auto #'d 20/99
3. Brett Lawrie Jersey/Auto #'d 9/25
4. Will Clark Quotable Auto 7/10 "Go Bulldogs"
5. David Wright Auto 58/150
6. Cole Hamels base #'d/80

Still not feeling too good...needed a good box to rebound...


1. Yu Darvish Jumbo Jersey #23/25
2. REDEMPTION: Buster Posey/Willie McCovey Dual Signature Patch Book (#'d to 10 I think?)
3. Paul Molitor Auto/Bat #'d 70/97
4. John Smoltz Auto #'d 208
5. Josh Hamilton Auto #'d 005/150
6. Mike Trout base #'d 27/80 (jersey #)

Overall, I enjoyed the excitement of the break..the condition, as seen all over these boards, was disappointing. As an FSU grad, getting this Posey along with the one from the last case was cool. I'm keeping Molitor/Trout/Posey-McCovey for my PC..the rest will be up shortly on feebay, not trading, need to recoup a little bit on these...Thanks for looking---Matt
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