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Default Legal question on cards - any insight appreciated

Hey guys I've got a question..

As some may know I started up a company for creating custom cards for people themselves or family members, etc. (HOME - Specialty Sports Cards)

I have holographic designs available for people (super, regular, etc.) - which I have developed the process for all on my own and use material different than that of Topps.

I am considering producing cards like this and putting them on sale for people - which feature no names or anything resembling any professional sports team or person..just a card that someone can get signed that is a 1/1.

My question is - in your most legal opinion this a bad idea and am I breaking any type of laws here? People make knock off stuff legally (off-brand, etc.) all the time in the free market so I don't exactly think I would be. Plus once a professional sports player signs the card it doesn't make it a licensed card or anything it's just a signature. Idk what do you guys think?

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