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Originally Posted by raiders4lyf View Post
This is so cool! Well i took a algrebra 2 test today, i think i did pretty well. I think ill get a B in the class, but i have A's in my AP clases so itll even out. The raiders suck, which is depressing. But i like watching carson palmer play. I beat my bench max yesterday, that was pretty exciting. My bestfriend is making his Mma pro debut next saturday, we made shirts. Hes hella good. I went bowling with my lady and some friends tonight, i bowled 156 and 178. Anywayyy... thanks a lot man. I always want to buy your bada$$ cards, but i have no money hahaha.

My work has a bowling event every year and it was last night. This guy on the lane next to us bowled a 278!!! He had 11 straight strikes, it was pretty awesome to witness. Unfortunately, his greatness didn't rub off on me, as my highest game was 146.

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