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Default Topps Missing hit/damaged cards + blue wave break

So I got lone blue wave pack in and it was a bust, but the cards are amazing.

Magee, Aricia, Shipers, Brice, and Aguasvivas

However on the good side.

I opened a few boxes of Draft/Chrome a while back, 3 each maybe. When openeing I had card crimped and packs 2-3 cards short. I was shorted an auto, My red rickie weeks was scratched badly, and so was my Marte base auto. I sent a nice letter explaining what happened and all of the info they required. Today I received my replacements.

I received a cleaner Marte Chrome Auto for the scratched Marte Auto. Still not that great though.

They excahnged my Red Rickie Weeks with a Red Ben Gamel 4/5 PROSPECT non-auto.

Then for my missing hit they sent me a jose fernandez base auto! Card is gradeable too which is a plus.

Topps went well above what I expected. This is the first time I have contacted Topps about missing hits or damaged cards and I am very happy with the way they handled the situation.

I have tons of inserts/refractors/numbered paper and refractors from Bowman. PM if interested in a large lot.
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