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Default Anybocy interested in oregon ducks illustrated fb magazines fs?

I have a bunch of these from this season as well as last two seasons including the 2010 BCS Championship run featuring past week's and upcomming week's football games for the Oregon Ducks squad.
The also feature tons of colorful pics from games, stats, injury reports, interviews, stories and updated recruiting progress. The best part is they each feature a top performer or Ducks star on the front cover which looks awesome framed and up on a wall in your collection!
I have some with Lamichael James on the cover as well.
Im asking 4.00 ea. with 3.50 shipping. If you buy 2 or more I will reduce price by 1.00 ea and cap shipping at 4.00!
LMK if you want to see the others and I'll PM you with what I have.
These are cool and a must have for any ducks football fans. They are exclusive to Oregon only and I obtain them here in Eugene.
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