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Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
today my wife took my sons to see her mom, and they are going to sleep i decided to do something nice for her... i ran to store, got things to cook, bottle of wine, flowers... im making this dish she likes- bowtie pasta, with shrimp and brocoli in butter/garlic... i just precooked it all.. when its time- i put all into a big saute pan, butter,garlic,lil white wine, heat it up, mix it up,...mmm its good... have a nice bottle of white wine chillin.... when shes on the way back, ill run a hot bubble bath for her to take with a glass of wine ,then ill give her a nice massage... then we eat... for dessert i grapped this raspberry crumb cake(thin almost like a pastry) and put with a scoop of vanilla hagendaz.... shes the best, and she will appreciate it soo much more than going out to dinner...
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