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Originally Posted by t2554 View Post
It's certainly different from S1 in that the vast majority of sketches were of walkers. It may seem like there are too many Ricks for S2, but I for one am happy for a better chance at getting a nice character sketch lol.

Robert Hendrickson, who did all Rick and Lori sketches for example, I get the feeling he was told by Crypto that that is all he is allowed to draw (I know for a fact that each artist is explicitly told who they can and can't draw).
Actually its up to the actors who can draw them. I asked Tim Shay for an AP and he explained to me the way it works. Each artist gives the actors a sample sketch and the actor has to approve them so that is why you only see certain characters by each artist.

I wanted a Daryl done by Tim Shay but unfortunately Norman Reedus did not approve him to draw his sketches.
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