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I too remember that painful lag/waiting last year and not knowing exactly when a new sale would be announced. Most good stuff saved for the end. I was online from 6am and I dont think they announced TTT's until like 4PM. I waited hours upon hours for mostly junk specials (there was a few decent ones, dont get me wrong, not all garbage). But I was annoyed they wouldnt even give us an idea when TTT's would go up. After about 8 hours I gave up. Then when I heard special was on, I came back and tried to purchase but lag/froze before purchase completed and they sold out. Emailed and Fish was nice enough to personally respond and apologize and said to give him a few days to sort things out and he would see what he could do for me. Tried to follow up but never got any further response.

Personally, my advice would be to proceed w/ caution and dont plan your day around it or feel you hafta get up early. And if you snag one of the really good deals, consider yourself lucky!
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