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Didnt know this guy was so important.

I don't want to argue with you. Lets please stay civil with each other. I've been a Certified Autograph Insert expert since 1994 & was a regular contributor to Beckett until 2003. I've been collecting cards since 1987 & right from the start until thkis day I want to know everything there is to know about everything relating cards. When I learned how much corporaste fraud was going on I founded a web site in 1997 until 2004 when I got too sick from Muscular Dystrophy symptoms to continue the web site.
I bankrupted both Pascific & Playoff for fraud against EVERYONE. I was hired as a Senior Managewr of Plasyoff so I could bust therm from within. How many people do you know qualify for the fifth in command for a large card company. I know what I'm talking about from every angle, trust me please. Beckett never printed anything for fear og losing advertising dollars as Mike Payne stated to me directly.

I can explain in much more detail, but it's painful for me to even type.

No these are not Certified Autograph cards. All Certified Autograph cards have a statement printed on the cards that they guarantee that the autograph is authentic. Some in the past had stamps or embedded stamps for authenticity. These Leaf cards have NEITHER of these things & this is the first time since 1997 (In The Game Hockey Autographs) where a card company made such a huge screw-up. Becklett highly publicized the ITG screw-up making me assured that no card company would be stupid enough to ever do this again, but like I stated- Leaf Shocked Me!

I was elated to win that Hulk Hogan card so cheap (I did charity work ewith him in FL in 2001), but it's no better than an in-person autograph which in this marketplace is WORTHLESS to experts like myself who know that autographs can be forged so well that not even the players can tell the difference (a quote by someone I worked with in the FBI busting forgery sellers in 2000). I interned with one of this country's most fasmous Forensic Document Examiners for over 200-hours in 200 ast my expense to be an autograph excpert to help bust forgery sellers (for free always) which I've done non-stop since 2000. Cards like these Leaf Wrestling are by far the easiest to make counterfeits of as well due to the low quality graphics & them releasing tnhe printing plates made it all ther more easy.

I'll return them when I get them. Thank you.

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