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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
Why compare to Blake? The question we are answering is who is a better investment. Do you select the hottest player in the NBA to invest in or an international player who has been injured for an entire year. Easy question if you ask me...

And considering Blake was injured his rookie year, youre proving the Rubio argument.
Actually no. Rubio already played a rookie year, Blake's prices were reflective of his very 'fresh' rookie season. My point was that people who think prices of 'hot' players have peaked only a few weeks into a season don't know what they're talking about.

Hell, look at D Rose. His prices (despite having an epic entire year) did not take off until around after the all-star break his mvp season.

Rubios prices already have 'hype' factored in currently from his glimpses of greatness his first year. To top that, he would really have to add a strong offensive game to take him to the next price plateau, imo. Or the Wolves would just have have a great season record wise, which I can't see happening.
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