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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
you originally said that Oregon would be behind every one of the 1 loss SEC teams and not have a chance to pass them...

I dont see Oregon dropping to more than 5th/6th in the AP poll...

Same for the Harris Poll...Oregon was #1..and i dont see the dropping below 5th or 6th even with that loss...


Florida was #7 in Harris poll...7th in USA Today..i dont see them gaining much

LSU was even worse..8th i both polls, as well as the computer rankings (at least Fla was in the top 4 in computer rankings)

sorry for saying you sounded ignorant...hard to detect tone/attitude through typing and i tend to react quickly w/o thinking sometimes
LSU has 2 losses, and is out of the equation. I could see Oregon jumping South Carolina. That's what I said, and that's still how I feel.
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