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Default Tuff Stuff looking for answers in "What's wrong with the hobby?" series

Tuff Stuff looking for answers in "What's wrong with the hobby?" series

In the last few months, we at Tuff Stuff's Sports Collectors Monthly have run a series on your worst hobby experiences, your best hobby moments and another on your dream collectible. Our next series is all about change or more specifically, what you would change if you you had the power to change one element of the hobby.

While we do hear enough compliments to keep us motivated to help make the hobby a better place to collect in, we also hear the complaints. Whether it's redemption card issues, shill bidding from the auction world or simply not enough bang for your buck when you buy a new pack of cards, we've heard them all. And while we do our best to pass along those issues to those best suited to correct them, our new series, "What's wrong with this hobby,?" lets our readers voice their concerns.

Our aim is to have our readers tell us about what they feel is the biggest problem in the hobby and provide a possible solution. We'll then feature the top submissions in the next issue of Tuff Stuff's Sports Collectors Monthly as well as pass them along to the people who could then hopefully implement those changes and hopefully make the hobby better in the process.

To take part in the series, please focus you submission on what you believe is the hobby's biggest problem (and possible solutions to the problem). Please don't submit a list but rather a detailed write-up of why you feel the issue is such a problem and any personal experiences. Please keep the submissions to 750 words or less and list your name in case your submission is chosen so we can credit you properly.

Please send all submissions to or click here.

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